My criteria for how I look at horror in media is broken down into a few pieces.  It’s all subjective, so this is what I find most pertinent to my enjoyment of something in the horror genre.

Overall rating:  Takes into consideration overall enjoyment of the story, if it was entertaining.  Given out of 5.

Violence level: My tolerance for violence is probably somewhere in the middle. I got sick watching Cabin Fever, but got through Battle Royale without so much as batting an eye, so your mileage may vary. I’ll highlight anything particularly icky or triggering.

Scariness level: Self explanatory, I think. Movies will lose points for relying on jump scares, and win points for anything that makes me stare, slack-jawed at the screen going “whyyyyyyyyy?”

Bechdel test: From a female/feminist perspective, I want to at least address if a story passes or fails this test. That doesn’t mean a story is bad or anti-woman if it doesn’t pass, it’s just one more critical lens to look through.

To be thorough in my reviews, most of them will contain spoilers, so be wary if you wish to remain unspoiled for a particular story or film.

  1. Please review Cabin Fever. Pancakes. That is all.


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